This is a binding agreement to secure your requested date at Middletown Mansion Event Center. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and may not be modified or amended except in writing by both parties.


Start time: The grounds and banquet room are guaranteed available from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm the day of the wedding. We are frequently booked for weddings both Saturday and Sunday but you may  contact us 14 days before your event to determine early set up availability by emailing us at Please note that early  access is not guaranteed.

End time: All events must end no later than 11pm.  No loud music outside after 10:00 pm and only in the banquet room until 11pm.

Guest: Every person attending the event.

Responsible party: The representative contact person for the event who signs the contract and is financially responsible for the event  is also responsible for the conduct of all guests. The responsible party is also responsible for any theft, damage to guests’ property and the Middletown Mansion Event Center property, as well as personal injury during the time of this contract. The responsible party is also accountable for the property clean up by the agreed upon time. 

No event coordinator on duty: This is a premises rental contract only, it does not include the services of a wedding coordinator. On the wedding day, our property manager will check in the responsible person, will show the parking area, parking signs and will unlock all premises. For any questions or concerns during the event the property managers direct cell phone number is 714-797-6084. Approximately 11:00pm the property manager will confirm all loud music is off and begin to close the property i.e. turn off outside lighting and lock property. Any cars left in the parking lot overnight will be locked in and the gate is unlocked the next morning 7:30-8:00 am or upon request by calling the property manager.  For a successful wedding experience, it is essential to have a designated person on duty during the entire wedding to set-up, direct parking, coordinate guests, and manage the event. 

Our property manager can provide these services for an  additional fee to be arranged directly between the responsible party and herself. Our recommended event planner is D’mitria Pickard. Please contact her should you require full or partial event planning services in addition to the minimum described above., 707- 536-1451.


Premises included: It is understood that Middletown Mansion Event Center is providing the space only, which is limited to the  banquet room, the outside lawns, bathroom trailer, gazebo and the banquet kitchen for warming/cooling use only and the blacktop area with string lights in front of the banquet room. Wedding parking is on the left side of the gates. We have commercial freezers and fridges for your use next to the banquet room. Commercial warm up kitchen next to the banquet room also has a half bathroom for your use in addition to a 6- stall outdoor luxurious bathroom trailer. Party premises  exclude pools and spas and the use of the house. If the house is rented to you as part of the package, the house is only available to a limited group of up to 17 guests for an overnight stay only. It is not an extension of the party grounds and cannot be toured by the wedding guests. Bride and groom can use the house bridal suites to get dressed only if house rental is included starting at 3 p.m.


Mansion house rules: (if overnight mansion use included with the rental): House Rental Rules, opens in a new window.


Insurance: The person scheduling the event needs to provide us with a certificate of insurance naming Fooksman Charitable Trust as an additional insured on the insurance policy no later than 30 days prior to the event. Please email the certificate to This can be added to the homeowner’s policy or as a special policy to be purchased separately, a suggested vendor familiar with our needs is listed on our preferred vendors’ list. 


Decorating and Setting Up: Set up is to take place  on the day of the event unless previously expressly permitted by email to happen earlier. For the setting up, please drive by the back alley and park next to the garages.  Please do not block the back alley in any way, it is to be used as a passage only as this is our fire lane exit and must remain clear.

Banquet area cleanup must be done by 11:00am the morning following the event. Responsible party is subject to additional charges for any extra set up/clean up time needed, which will include but not be limited to an additional day at normal rate.

Please limit any confetti, stickers and tape and be sure all are removed after the event. Any furniture moved for the event we ask that it be moved back after the event. Please make sure property management is aware of any set up items left on grass overnight so they can turn sprinkler timers off failure to do so could result in property being damaged which if not previously reported to property management we will not be responsible for. We have a “ No cars on grass policy” that we ask the responsible party ensure all guests are made aware of. This is due to shallow irrigation lines. Any damages from cars on grass would result in extra charges. Property lights will be turned on by property management at approximately 7pm in summer/fall and 6pm in winter/spring. Guests are able to turn on chandeliers themselves by plugging in the cord located at the oak tree itself.

Event Total Cost: please see Amenities And Pricing page for prices of various packages

Food Service: No cooking on premises, staging and decorating only. We have commercial freezers and fridges and a warmer for your use in the banquet kitchen. Catering of your choice is welcome. If your caterer would like to use their own grill, they are welcome to do so subject to an advanced notice to us to guarantee we can accommodate their space needs and any hook up requirements. 

Photographs: Photographs taken by Middletown Event Center become the property of Middletown Mansion Event Center and may be posted on social media for promotion purposes only.

Beverage service: If wine, beer or liquor is served, a delegate or responsible party is required to oversee beverage service to guests.

Entertainment: County ordinances require outside music to end by 10 PM. Responsible party is responsible for compliance with all music copyright laws. 


Our Reservation/Cancellation Policy: 50% non-refundable down payment is due at the time of booking. Payment can be made by PayPal to or via a check texted to 650-743-4915, front and back. If payment  by credit card is desired, PayPal credit card use fee must be paid by the responsible party.  Full payment is due 60 days prior to the event, same method and is not refundable. Your reservation depends on the timely payment of the balance and can be in jeopardy if the payment is not received on time. We do not send invoices. 

Guests: The responsible party is responsible for the behavior of all children and keeping them away from the pool area and the highway. Middletown Mansion Event Center reserves the right to ask any disorderly person to leave the property without explanation.


Cleaning obligations:  All premises including the banquet room area, the bathroom trailer and the grounds must be returned clean and undamaged. All garbage must be placed in the trash cans, we provide two trash cans for wedding parking use. Should additional cleaning be required after noon of the day following the wedding or extra garbage left on premises, it will be charged against the deposit at cost.  Please note that the mansion cleaning fee charged is separate and only covers cleaning of the inside of the mansion.

Cleaning arrangements and  fees: House cleaning is included in the rental fee. Banquet area, chair break down and outside cleanup is not included. If guests prefer to hire our cleaners for after the event clean-up, instead of cleaning themselves, our cleaners charge $200 flat rate and services must be arranged 2 weeks ahead of the event directly with the cleaners by texting Dimitria 714-797-6084. However guests would still be responsible for any trash fees over the 2 can maximum included with a rental package. Please let cleaners know if you would like to come back and pick up trash to dispose of yourself or have disposal charges added to the cleaning cost.

Damage: Middletown Mansion Event Center holds the undersigned party responsible for any damage to floors, carpeting, furnishings, kitchen and grounds as a result of abusive treatment by any person attending the event. Middletown Mansion Event Center is not responsible for theft, damage to guest property, or personal injury during the event or at any time while on the grounds of the Center. Deposits are refunded within 15 days.

No Smoking: It is understood that smoking is not allowed. Any smoking related damage will be charged to the responsible party.

No driving or parking on the lawn: We are proud of our beautiful lawn and our guests rely on them to be in a top shape condition for their events. Absolutely no driving on the lawns at any time for any purpose.


Parking: Guest parking is on the unpaved area to the left of the gazebo. Please turn left after  the main property gates drive into the parking area. It is on the unpaved area by the barns. Once you park, you walk through the gates right to the gazebo.  

Please make sure you have read thoroughly before signing. Any questions or concerns can be emailed or you may call using the information below. Phone hours are between 9am - 5pm Monday thru Friday excluding observed holidays.